Nuovi atleti e nuovi campioni per il TEAM NAISH.

Naish Kites arricchisce il proprio kiteboarding team di nuovi campioni: il giovanissimo Paul Serin, vincitore del campionato Francese 2013 categoria Senior nella TOP 5 dell'European Tour nonchè nella Top 20 del Kite World Tour, la splendida Hope Levin che ha inizato alla grande quest'anno con ottimi risultati nel "Lord of the Wind competition", e la promettente atleta brasiliana residente alle Hawaii Raquel Lima.

Naish International Is Stoked To Announce The Addition Of Paul Serin, Hope Levin and Raquel Lima To The Team!

“Joining the Naish International team is like the beginning of an accomplishment, because the spirit of Naish Kiteboarding was always an inspiration to me. To be a part of this team is like a dream come true!” – Paul Serin

“The Naish family is a very special group and I am honored to become a part of it. My peers are world titleholders, extreme athletes, and most importantly good people. I am so excited to learn from them and share adventures together in 2014 as we promote our brand and the sport of kiteboarding.” – Hope Levin

“By joining the Naish International Team, I plan to push the limits of women's kiteboarding and share my love for the wind, waves, and snow with the world. We have an amazing crew this year and I am thankful to be a part of it!” – Raquel Lima