Jesse Richman Joins the Naish International Kiteboarding Team

Una news ricevuta dalla redazione direttamente dall'international Naish Jennifer Hunt


"Jesse Richman Joins the Naish International Kiteboarding Team

2011 is off to a swift start here at Naish International. We are proud to announce that Jesse Richman has joined the International team’s ranks.

Jesse has proven himself in the world circuit with back-to-back KPWT/IKA Overall World Championships. Traveling the world for the last few years in search of ratings points, Jesse has made friends all over and is always welcomed wherever he goes. This rapport with riders, shops and the general public will make him a great asset to the Naish brand.

At only 18 years old, Jesse has a style well beyond his years. Jesse is equally at home in boots, on a race course, in a competition jersey, as well as in the surf. His main focus will be to push it in the wave arena. Jesse grew up in the surf on the north shore of Maui. He is a rider who does not bow to the latest fads, and will kill it – strapless, strapped, hooked in or out.

Jesse was born and raised here on Maui, just minutes away from the Naish International HQ. This will make it easy for him to be involved in testing and provide real-time feedback on what is happening in the sport.

We look forward to watching Jesse and his Aloha spirit shred it up on Naish boards and kites. Welcome, Jesse!"

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